Charges outside of your allowance

UK picture message (MMS) Call anytime same network Call anytime any network Anytime to landlines SMS Anytime any network Voicemail Data
30p each 30p each 30p per min 30p per min 12p per message 30p per min -

Network Benefits:

Tariff details:

Smart Packs: Buy a pack from your Pay as you Go credit and then you get loads of minutes ,texts and data to use for 30 days.

Text 'SMART10', 'SMART15' or 'SMART25' to 441 or 'BBPACK10', 'BBPACK15', 'BBPACK25' to 441 to get BlackBerry email and BBM.

And remember, whatever plan you choose, you also get terrific coverage on EE, the UKs biggest 3G network.